28 August 2011

Geocaching - The Modern Hide and Seek

Technology has really evolved much to my amazement. I was going through the internet to search for fun activities to do in the open and I stumbled upon geocaching. At the back of my mind ran thoughts of "what in the world is that?" kind of things. I only use cache word when I refer to the computer cache but cache in the activity world? This must be very interesting.

Well, to the layman like myself, geocaching is defined as an outdoor activity where participants use navigational tools like the GPS to hide and seek waterproof containers with logbook so the finder can sign it afterwards.

It is like a treasure-hunt in a way because you're using navigational tools to search for the cache. This is not confined to the USA only. It is also recognized in other countries and continent including Antarctica.

It seems like a very adventurous kind of activity. If you are interested to do this thing then you can search for geocaching websites. Be prepared to buy garmin chirp as one of the necessity to be able to effectively and successfully go through the elaborate high-tech hide and seek of the 21st century.


  1. wow talk about technology!
    how things going this pre-Eid?
    we had started last Thursday.

    Have fun sis,


  2. Eid Mubarak sis!!! Thanks for passing by. Hanap ako ng hanap nung Lucci tagalog na site mo and I can't remember when you mentioned that. Good you left your url here. I'll be visiting back.

    Aga ng Eid holidays nyo ah! Lucky you. We're still waiting for the announcement here eh. Most likely, tomorrow pa magsasabi kung Eid na sa Wednesday. I am hoping it will be on Wed para 4 days ako off! Yipee!!!

    Enjoy the long holidays. Hugs!!!


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