27 August 2011

Hurricane Irene Hits Landfall

The much feared super hurricane Irene has set landfall today in the Eastern Seaboard of USA. More than 2 million people were advised to seek higher grounds and move to a safe place. New York City's subway station was shut down for the first time because of this natural disaster.

The angry storm is said to pack 100 mph of winds early today. North Carolina's coast has been affected already with power outages in some areas, some roofs ripped from warehouses and damaged buildings and trees. Witnesses report that a tornado might have been spawned by the super hurricane to cause the damages.

President Barak Obama has cut his vacation short and returned to Washington to address the people to act now before it is too late.

Hurricane Irene, so far, is the first to have caused this mass evacuation in New York, North Carolina, Martha's Vineyard in Mass., including New Jersey and Maryland's affected areas.

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