29 August 2011

Loving Yourself

I used to believe that self-love is so narcissistic and egotistical. I realized not too long ago that loving yourself too is a healthy way to live a peaceful, positive and happy life.

I remember when I was still a kid, how I would allow people to berate and criticize me. Deep inside I knew they were wrong but I never stopped nor proved them otherwise. Then I noticed too how easily I could be pleased so when people hurt me, all they had to do was say they were sorry and everything would be okay.

I guess I was just timid and very trusting so people took advantage of me. Then I fell in love countless of times only to squeeze my love dry by people who didn't deserve the true me. I loved deeply but I was never loved back.

So, I ask myself, why do I let people hurt, criticize and berate me? They have to stop. One way of putting a dot on these hurts and pains is to love myself. Yes, it may sound so egotistical and arrogant too but you can do it in a modest way. I started believing in self-preservation. I don't spread my emotions thin anymore. I am well guarded knowing that I deserve to be loved and accepted for who I am without compromising my self-worth. I surrounded myself with positive people who would bring out the best in me. I started praying more and asking for God's grace and love because He has created me in His likeness. Anything and anyone created in His likeness is surely a beautiful creature. So am I.

I feel much better now because I love myself. If I don't...who else will?


  1. I loved this post Ria. Yes, you must, must, must love yourself. No it's not egotistical, but rather necessary. Your body is a temple, it is God's own design, how can we not love it. When we can exude respect for ourselves we show others how to treat us. You deserve to be loved back, everyone does. {hugs}

  2. Thanks for the lovely advice Cari :) I got a bit misty eyed reading that. I don't understand why some people are just capable of hurting you, the most painful though is the one that comes from the one you dearly love... sigh :(

    Hope to see you here often. I'll be visiting your blog regularly too :)

    Hugs back.

  3. Oh my, Ria... are you sure you're not talking about me? I could've written those words myself, I swear! I have always been exactly like that... easy to please, that people take advantage of me. And the ones who hurt me are the ones I love deeply...

    thanks for the reminder to love myself first... I don't know, it's really difficult.. Where do I begin?

  4. LOL sis! I do make a good point, right? Well, the starting point is always the hardest because it means you're jumping out of a zone (and I won't call it comfort) where you are used to. But remember self-preservation. Give yourself some dignity and believe that you deserve more than the last person who hurt you so bad.

    Moving on is the key sis. Move on with your head and chin up. Brush off the excess salt and pat yourself at the back for doing so.

    It't not bad to walk away from a bad marriage or failed relationship if they are toxic. Learn to know when is when and leave. We all deserve to be happy, accepted and loved, right?

    Lastly, follow up with lots of prayers. It does help.

    Hugs sis... always remember, you're not alone in your battle. I salute you for making the first step :)

  5. Hi ria! that's so true. i had friends who i thought were my real friends. but they were there only when they needed favors. wala na sila lahat. let go of the people who don't go you any good. it's hard at first that's why you must begin now. erase, erase!

  6. I agree with you sis Cherry! Hirap lng kasi, you invested time, emotion and effort to make everything work out for everyone pero in the end, you still get hurt in the process. Pero I know better now. Madami kasi dyang mapag-kunwari :(

    Thanks for the comment sis!


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