12 August 2011

Planning a European Trip

It's still early to decide what to do on my 40th birthday but I am considering a European trip with my family for a week in April. Although my birthday is in March, my daughter's spring break will be in April.

I am thinking of themes to do for my 40th birthday trip. One recurring thought comes to mind - seeing the beautiful tulips in full bloom in Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands. I have been imagining the colorful vista in my head already. My decision is leaning towards the trip than a party bash or a birthday Louis Vuitton bag.

My travel bug is biting me again and I have always dreamed of seeing the wonderful Keukenhof, the windmills, the beautiful canals of Amsterdam, the Edam cheese factory and the tiny village of Madurodam. I may throw in a side trip to Belgium since it is close by and is also a part of the Schengen.

I am already looking for budget hotels and transportation available in Netherlands should I decide to take the Belgium side-trip. My husband has a relative in Denmark so we may also squeeze a day or two there before flying back to Dubai.

My 40th birthday will probably be a trip to Europe. I'll narrow down the options before the year ends and once I have my daughter's school time table for 2011-2012.

Europe, here we come!!!


  1. sarap naman, ri! i hope i could visit europe before i die. dream come true talaga if ever. we'll be 40 next year. OMG!

  2. Thanks xpat. It's not yet this year though but I am looking forward to that :)

    @Cherry - sis, don't worry, just keep saving money and it will happen. Sabihan mo ako when you are ready to travel, sama ako ;)


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