14 August 2011

Poor Mobile Reception

There are 2 communication provider in this country. I have been a user of provider number 1 for 11 years. So far, the only complaint I have with that service provider is their poor customer service.

I recently bought a sim card from provider number 2 because of their low international call rate promos. I took the bait, hook, line and sinker. I thought, it would be okay because I didn't want to use the landline at home to call my family in the Philippines.

I am quite upset with the reception. I think they need to install more cell booster antenna around the city and the nearby residential areas. I had to stand close to a window or go out of our veranda just to get a decent signal. I am not sure if the reception is really bad or they need more boosters. What ever the case is, I hope they upgrade their service fast so I don't end up looking for a good spot to make a decent call.


  1. Hmmm... I wonder what service providers you're referring to. I wouldn't dare venture a guess :)

  2. Well sis, same here.
    I also use the no.1 mobile provider in KSA. But the customer service is terrible. Pero what to do, patience.=)

    Nyway,how's my blog title so far? My other friend told me she can't find (Abby in Arabia) blog. Any advise how can I get rid a bug or something?

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