10 August 2011

Recycling Your Magazines and Newspapers

I have the bad habit of buying magazines and newspapers every chance I get. I just keep them stacked in my bookshelves. Even my magazine display rack is not enough to hold the number of magazines and newspapers I have collected over the years.

So, I decided to leave some magazines by putting them on the coffee table for our guests to read. The newspapers came very handy too in terms of using them as glass cleaners and counter top wiper. In all fairness, the newspapers did a good job making my sliding doors clean and shiny and I didn't have to buy any glass cleaner. Just a bit of soap and water and the good old newspaper trick.

The rest of my magazine collection is under my bed to add more support on the pillars. And I have already made up my mind that come I will be giving them to the recycling experts.

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