18 August 2011

Some Me Time

I used to enjoy my "me time" whenever my family is in Manila for a vacation. Today is different. I managed to accomplish a lot in my to-do list today while my husband is back in Manila to fetch our daughter. I noticed that it's very quiet at home.

I think I am coming out of my shell now. I am a loner but I think I don't like to be one anymore. I just miss the squabbles and bickering I have with my daughter. I miss picking after my husband and daughter's mess (add our dog Millie too!). There's no one to talk to. I just stare at Millie, watch some boring re-runs and watch the fish swim.  Honestly, I thought I would become an hermit one day but deep inside I just realized, it's not fun being alone. While I enjoy some "me time" on shopping and beauty and spa sessions, I still want the company of my family and friends. I miss the fun, the loud noise which drives me up the wall, the mess here and there. I miss the "normal" life I have.

So, I guess I will have to bear this quiet time for few weeks until the "riot" (read:  father and daughter tandem = mess and a lot of noise at home = NORMAL LIFE) comes back.

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