24 August 2011

Weight Loss Goal

I am not sure what happened to my weight loss goal this year but it's already the 3rd quarter of 2011 and I am heavier than ever.

I cannot pinpoint the exact reason why I cannot lose weight like I used to. I am thinking whether something is wrong with my thyroid. I know someone who was bigger than me and lost weight without even trying because she had hyperthyroidism. I may have the hypo kind.

I am still exercising regularly although not as intense like my prior workouts because it is terribly hot here and I am getting light-headed. 

My intention to shed the fats this year is still a primary goal. I may need the best weight loss pills in the market if I want to do this fast. However, I am considering my hypertension too. I cannot take medication of any supplement just like that without consulting the physician.

Why is weight such a troublesome issue to tackle? I keep wondering why we were not made with a different setting so when we want to go fuller size, we just press a button and we get a bit chubby. Press another button if you want to be svelte and voila! I hope we were all made like that.

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