02 September 2011

2.4 Kilometer Walk in the Park

I went for my 2 km walk in the park today. I feel so good! It has been a while since I went to the nearby park in our building because of the extreme heat and my painful sinusitis. However, the wind was cool and it was breezy. So, I changed into my track suit, put on my nice waist band which acted like those fat burners contraption because I was really perspiring profusely.

I went out at 5:15 p.m. The sun was still up but not as hot and humid as the previous days. I took advantage of that condition. I drank lots of water before I left and decided not to take the car. I walked from my building to the park which is approximately 500 meters away from the park. The whole circumference of the park's walking route is 1.345 kilometers. So I walked a total of approximately 2.4 kilometers. Not bad!


  1. I also have sinusitis. It triggers on extreme weather condition. Buti pa diyan ano? You can enjoy the outdoor jogging.
    Have that healthy fun sis!

    all the best,


Thank you for your comment.