06 September 2011

Best Gift Ever

I am very thankful to my husband for closing the deal on our first property during his recent vacation to Manila. We have been selling our townhouse for the past 2 years with no takers until last week. His cousin decided to purchase the property from us and the good news after the closing of the sale was that, we finally got the property next to my sis-in-law. It is actually my parents-in-law's property which they decided to give us so we can construct our dream home there.

My mind is actually not right here but back home where I am already dreaming of the kind of house we will build on the 115 sq.m. plot.

My husband deserves a nice treat from me for doing all these things for us. All those times, I thought he was just brushing my talks about the house I want to build for us and where and what kind. He actually listened to everything I told him and informed my in-laws about it.

By far, this is the best gift my husband has ever given me because this dream home will be the culmination of all our sweat and toil.


  1. congratulations!! hope to see pics of your dream house real soon;)

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