17 September 2011

Blog Hopping

When I was just starting with my blog, I always blog hop. I do it but not as intensive as it was before. The crux of the matter is, I still do.

Blog hopping is a form of activity where a blogger goes to another blog by checking on blog directories or visiting blogger friends and checking their blogroll to randomly visit other bloggers. This is a very fun thing to do and it opens new friendships and communication in the process.

I have met a lot of great bloggers out there because of blog hopping. I hope other bloggers out there continue to do this activity to help other bloggers out there as well by increasing their incoming traffic.


  1. hi Ria,
    blog hopping here;) I have been really busy these days so my blog post hasn't been consistent lately.anyway, thanks so much for taking your time to visit me.

  2. Blog hopping is something I used to do religiously, but lately, I haven't been able to do that. When I'm depressed, I just don't feel like even touching my computer :). Blog hopping does benefit us, as it forges friendships, more than anything.


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