28 September 2011

Driving Safely in Foggy Condition


I am not used to drive in foggy conditions. It is a common occurrence here in the UAE especially when the season is changing. We are used to the weather but navigating through main thoroughfares with other motorists who have no consideration to other human lives is another story.

Fog is a thick cloud bank that lies low in the ground. Visibility can be affected and most and if the fog is very thick, then you can expect a zero visibility. This condition is the scariest for motorists because you don't know if there is a vehicle in front of you and if it is slowing down or not.

Here are tips to drive safely in foggy condition:

  • Check weather conditions and be aware so you can prepare in advance.
  • Use your fog lights if it is installed in your vehicle. Is you live in a place where foggy condition is common, install fog lights in your vehicle.
  • Do not drift in the middle of the line and stay in line as much as possible. Use your right side as a guide.
  • If you are driving with someone else, please ask the help of your passenger to watch out for any oncoming traffic.
  • Keep a safe distance. One full length of a car is normally the safe distance between 2 vehicles. However, in foggy weather, allow at least 2 full length of car distance.
  • Do not speed up. It is difficult to know if the vehicle in front of you is slowing down if the fog is thick.
  • Keep your defroster and wiper on if necessary because the moisture in the air can collect on your windshield making driving more difficult.
  • Pull over to the side of the road if the visibility is zero. Better yet, let the fog settle and it normally clears mid-morning. If you can afford to skip work for few hours then do so. I would rather be late than sorry.


  1. Whenever this happens to me, I always pull over to the side of the road. I wait for the rain to let up. Better safe than sorry, right?

  2. Correct sis. That's actually the rule of thumb. Better be safe than sorry. I'd probably come late for work to avoid the thick fog. It's weird out here...


Thank you for your comment.