03 September 2011

Giuliana and Bill Show

I love watching this reality show from Style Network. I normally catch it in the afternoon when I come home from work around 4:30 to 5:00 p.m. I am not a big fan or reality shows but this is an exemption.

Giuliana is a host in Italian-American TV personality and a host in E! News and married to Bill Rancic, the winner of the first winner of the TV Show - The Apprentice. I like the way this 2 power couple make their marriage work despite of their hectic schedule and differences in opinion and ideals.

There was one episode which I really find amusing. It was about a road trip they wanted to undertake with their friends. They bickered about what kind of vehicle they would use for the road trip. Bill wanted a big RV while Guilana wanted a smaller type of vehicle. Bill had his way without telling Giuliana and he and his picked her up from the studio only to get shocked by the enormity of the RV that Bill rented. The big RV would seriously need some rv repairs although from the outside, it looked clean and okay. Giuliana and her friend even commented about the smell of the RV interiors.

That episode really cracked me up. They are adorable and funny couple, always in disagreement but always making-up in the end.

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