30 September 2011

How to Avoid Answering Nosy Questions

Most of us are not celebrities and yet, we find ourselves in situations where very inquisitive people test our ability to keep a tight lip. While it is very tempting to say 'back off,' we cannot always do that. We can avoid answering nosy questions though.

What are those questions we can classify as being nosy? Examples of these nosy questions are:

Questions about private activities
Questions about use of substance and other recreational drugs and engaging on unlawful activities
Questions on religious belief
Questions on political ideologies
Questions on financial standing and matters
Questions on personal opinions on some sensitive matters
Questions on what you can say about other people
Questions on sexuality and preference
Questions on weight and diet

How do we avoid these nosy questions then? Here are tips:
1. Be direct but diplomatic in your response. If you do not wish to answer a certain question, respond like this: "I don't know," "No comment," "Why do you want to know?"
Oftentimes, when you throw a question back to the interviewer, he or she is caught off-guard and may change the topic to avoid answering your question.

2. Keep a tight lip. Just shrug your shoulders and they will get the drift that you don't want to be bothered.

3. Change the topic. It is an avoidance tactic.

4. Break the eye contact.

5. Tell the person you are in a hurry and cannot stay around. Make up an excuse then dash.

6. Avoid these nosy people if you can.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you encounter nosy people and their equally nosy questions. Some people just don't have any social and proper etiquette that they cannot tell the boundaries of asking the right questions.

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  1. I just hate it when people get uncontrollably nosy. They need to be told off once in a while, I guess.


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