07 September 2011

The Planking Craze

Planking is the recent craze of people these days. It is an activity where the person lies face down with his or her hands and arms to touching the side of the body.  The person must be photographed and uploaded to some social network sites or electronic album as part of the game.

I have seen a lot of people doing this weird pose and sometimes I am amused. However, recent plankers have taken the activity to a new level by planking to posts, balconies, light poles and even McDonald's signage. It was reported in Australia that a man plunged to his death by planking on his apartment's balcony.

Photo credit: djmick.co.uk

Photo credit: atbreak.com

It is okay to do this safely but when you cross the boundaries of safety and logic then I think this craze is a crazy one! No pun intended.

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