20 September 2011

Types of Managers

Each managers will have their own ways of dealing with their staff. That is the reason why we have so many various kinds of managers. There are the control-freaks, slave-drivers, credit-grabbers, over-zealous, critical and the boss-from-hell. However, not all honchos are bad. There are a handful out there who are still genuinely caring and compassionate who will lead and fight your cause. There are great managers who will push you to your capacity because they believe in you. Some managers will even take you along to ensure that you get the exposure you need. The latter kind comes far in between though.

So, if you have a manager who cares for you and can be over-bearing at times because of his or her good intentions, I think that is great and appreciate that. I have never felt how it is to be well-appreciated by someone in authority yet. It is my earnest dream to find a great boss who will back me up and believe in my capabilities before I leave the workforce. I want to feel good and recognized not just because I can complete a task but I can complete a task outstandingly.


  1. Managing people is hard. Hard because they are all different, they all have different strengths and weaknesses. But I've been lucky to have a few great managers in my lifetime, and I truly believe they've helped me become a great one too.


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