11 October 2011

Bed Rest

I am on a 3-day bed rest while I recuperate from acute sinusitis and hypertension. I went to the doctor (finally!) yesterday because I couldn't stand the pressure on my nasal cavity and I was feeling feverish already. That could only mean one thing, I needed my antibiotics whether I liked it or not.

I waited for 45 minutes before being called in the doctor's office. Both myself and the doctor were surprised to see my blood pressure to read as 143/100. That was way too high.

So, I am back to my antibiotics, anti-allergy and hypertension meds again. I also have to wait for the result of my blood test for everything that could possibly causing my hypertension and inability to lose weight inspite of the exercise regimen and low-sodium diet.

Am I going through menopause?!? I am praying that my renal test is also okay. I drink a lot of water and certainly not a salty food junkie but I'm really scared.

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