31 October 2011

Flu Season is On

Another bout with the pesky cold is dampening my spirit. I usually love the colder months here and I just like the way winter season makes my skin glow, my pores tight, my hair manageable and my complexion lighter than usual. However, this is also the season where I battle the fight to ward coughs and colds.

Just few weeks ago, I had my sinusitis attack again. It's coming back too! I have been sneezing with matching watery eyes and awfully painful joints. I hope I am not coming down with a flu because I cannot afford another sick leave especially when I just used few days 2 weeks ago.

So, this season is a bit tricky. The weather is either cool and cold. The breeze is inviting but it dips around the afternoon towards early morning the next day. It will get colder as the days pass and we should all be ready to brace ourselves with the weather changes.

Follow this tips to ward off the flu this season:

1. Drink plenty of water and fresh juices.
2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Get proper nutrition and take your multi-vitamins too.
3. Have enough rest and sleep.
4. Wear proper clothing. If your office area is like a freezer then change the temperature control accordingly.
5. Wear woolen socks at night to keep your feet warm.
6. Have an inoculation for Influenza.
7. Control stress because it is one of the biggest factor which weakens your immune defenses.

Keep those tissues and flu virus at bay and strive to be healthy throughout the colder months.

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