15 October 2011

GITEX 2011

GITEX is known worldwide as one of the most important electronics event in Dubai. It is a week-long event with other major shopping outlets participating through various drop-down mega-sales of electronics and gadgets for consumers to feast their eyes on. For some with the budget to spare, this is the right time to purchase their dream item.

A lot of gadgets and electronics are being sold on low prices during the GITEX. There are nikon cameras  being sold for DHS 3199 with actual price of around DHS 5000. You actually saved more than a thousand. The package also includes other freebies like lens, SD card and even an LCD TV. Other high ticket items are selling like hot pancakes are the laptops and personal computers, Apple products especially the iPad, smart phones, routers and modems, navigational equipment and the big plasmas, LCDs and LEDs and other medical equipment.

People really save up for this event because of the great sale packages the distributors have during the GITEX. There are even raffles of major prices like cars and large amount of vouchers to be used in major shopping outlets. Who would not be enticed in GITEX?

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