04 October 2011

Re-Painting The House

We have been living in our current flat for the last 4 years and this is the only time we have been given free cans of paint. The painting is normally carried out by the contractors for free as part of the service the landlord is giving to his tenants.

We decided to do the painting ourselves so we can choose a different color aside from the normal cream tone. My husband picked a nice pastel green hued paint to cover the 2 opposite walls and the other 2 with the free cream paint.

A lot of work has to be done. We had to move the furniture aside and had to buy wire cover to protect the wiring of our appliances and other electronic gadgets.

I took the opportunity to do some cleaning and chucking of unused stuff at home. I managed to free several space inside the linen closet and another free shelves inside the kitchen cupboard. I feel and think that more stuff can be thrown or donated because the house still looks very cluttered. I can do more cleaning if I have to.

Painting the house can be very tedious. It takes so much time and effort to get it done but when the paint is all dry, you have that satisfied feeling of living in a new place.

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