08 October 2011


Sleeping with a blocked nasal passage is like a fish out of water. I find it hard to breathe and I have been having this sinusitis again lately.

I haven't seen the doctor yet because I don't like taking medications. The last time I had this chronic sinusitis was 3 years ago and I was given mega-doses of anti-biotic which cured it but altered my taste buds for several months. I don't want to go through that again.

It's hard to have sinusitis. I feel like there's a small saucer right in front of me all the time. Visually, it does not change anything but that pressure and feeling like there is a lump on the nose bridge makes it really a bit painful and cumbersome especially during sleeping time.

My sinusitis has not given me any relief yet so I am really hoping for all hopes that weekend is much longer than two days so I can just relax and catch up on my sleep while I feel awful.


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  2. Thanks Cari. I hope and pray I'll be better soon. A trip to the doctor is already in the offing...



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