17 October 2011

Visiting Relatives in San Diego

I am still thinking whether I will come with my husband to visit our relatives in San Diego this November. My daughter is not really keen about traveling to the US this time because she has been to San Diego and it's hard to keep up with a finicky teenager now. I am considering to stay here because I can't leave my daughter. I will come to a decision by the end of the month. 80% of my decision is leaning towards to "stay" here and just relax.

My husband is already thinking of the gifts he will bring to our relatives there. I told him that there's another special occasion to look forward to in April 2012. His nephew will graduate from high school. It's the right time to consider high school graduation gift ideas since there are still some sale going on after the GITEX 2011 event few days ago. A growing teenager will definitely love gadgets. We already gave him a rock star guitar which you plug on those game consoles last 2009. I think, something funky like the new MPs now or a smart phone. Well, I just let my husband decide.

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