03 October 2011

Words Escape Me

There are times when I want to say things but the words just float inside my head. I know the exact words I want to utter but when my mouth opens, words escape me.

I am not like this. I am very articulate and I don't have problems speaking my mind which is also the cause why I get into trouble sometimes. However, I noticed lately that I am at a loss for words. Although it only happens in the office and never at home.

It is a different scenario at home. I can spit 100 words per second without a rest and yet, I get tongue-tied at work. I was not like that before. I just noticed that when the power-grabbing people started sprouting like mushrooms around me, things changed. I am having speech impediments all of a sudden. 

It has nothing to do with fear because I am not afraid of them but I am so conscious of my performance review and I still want my job. I am afraid that I may snap one day and I will greatly regret it. The power-play at work is becoming very unbearable but I have no escape. Only words escape me right now but I can't.

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  1. I think this is a good problem to have. See, if it were me, I'd probably say something I shouldn't have...better off having nothing to say. Don't worry, it will balance out. Power people don't stay that way for long, someone will knock them off their soapbox! Hang in there!


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