07 November 2011

Busy Holiday

I never thought my Eid holiday will be very busy. Although I anticipated some activities lined-up here and there, my holiday is being spent as I planned and then some.

I made a lot of Christmas cards for 2011 and 1 birthday card for my daughter's classmate. I have made 39 cards already for the past 3 days and I still have many ideas in my head. I just have to tone them down because I can't organize them in my thought. I think I'll just take a breather for the time being and will continue my card-making next weekend.

I did 1 round in the park in the afternoon yesterday. I cleaned the house and managed to wash some laundry. There are clothes to press and more cleaning to do. The list is not yet done.

I hope the holiday is longer. I just feel so happy and relaxed at home than going to work. If only... Anyway, I just have to pray harder that the days will pass peacefully at work so I don't have to feel frustrated.

2 more days before my official leave ends. I wish it's longer...

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