11 November 2011

Dream Home Illumination

Light fixture is one my favorite things inside a home. I am very fascinated by how a single light can put a certain drama or flair to a plain wall, painting or area in the house. Lighting can also emphasize a decorative item you want to showcase in your house or turn a dull place to a lively one.

Ever since we got the plot of land from my mother-in-law few months ago, all I can think about is the type and design of the house my family and I will enjoy and live in. I have been scouring the internet for beautiful lighting fixture I will put in my dream house. I am zoning in one particular brand and style - the Minka Lavery Lighting. My type of house design will be a marriage of Mediterranean and Contemporary pieces so the Minka Lavery Chandeliers will add a beautiful touch to my high-vaulted living room ceiling and dining areas.

The touch of flair does not end in the receiving and dining areas of my dream house. The bathroom is also one of the places I want to accentuate with drama. I want the area to be naturally-lit by daytime and well-lit at night with Minka Lavery Bath Lighting. There will be a wall sconce near the vanity area and small ceiling pin lights to focus on the beautiful marble counter top of the bathroom sink.

There are more areas in the house that will benefit from the many collections of the Minka lighting pieces. I have not included the exterior lighting yet but given the beautiful choice of products in the Minka Lavery collections, I am sure that the outcome will be as beautiful as the lighting accents I will have at home.

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