25 November 2011

Low Purine Diet

I will not advocate any form of diet as long as it has the doctor's approval. And I found myself committing to a low purine/low salt diet due to my health conditions. I have to lose weight to be able to bring the bad numbers down and increase my good cholesterol.

Low purine diet is usually given to people who are suffering from gout and high uric acid levels. Unfortunately, inspite of my still young age, I am predispositioned to have some sort of health conditions that are detrimental to one's health if left untreated and controlled. This is the reason why I agreed to follow the diet even if I am craving for something tastier.

The food allowed in this diet is mostly low-fat and low in purins. There are some vegetables that need to be eaten in moderation. The diet encourages eating small portion of white, lean meat like chicken and turkey. Water is to be taken at least more than 8 glasses per day and a regular exercise regimen is encouraged to aid in weight loss.

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