15 December 2011

Camping During Winter

Winter in the U.A.E is rather pleasant compared to the other countries in the northern hemisphere. The temperature does not dip so low and the breeze is cool. However, the temperature can be a bit harsh in the desert area or near the mountain. Inspite of the slight change in temperature, it is still generally acceptable to go camping during winter.

Most of my friends do this annually because the winter is so short so everyone is taking advantage of the season. I have not tried camping yet because I catch colds and flu so easy. I just get so scared exposing myself to the elements even if I love the cold season.

Some of them are already planning a trip near the mountains to camp. The campers have their own instruments and even fancy Big Agnes King Solomon tents to use. My husband and I bought a small sleeping bag but I still don't have to courage to commit in the camp.

I am not sure if I will be up to the challenge even if the activity sounds interesting. I am still thinking about the idea. I am cool for a long drive or an overnight in a hotel near the mountains but sleeping outside is something I am still mulling.

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