13 December 2011

Career Assessment

I should be used to all these career assessments by now. I must have been to a lot of assessments already in the span of 21 years of service. However, I always feel it is something new  each time I am invited to attend one. I always have this knot in my stomach and I feel nauseated. I am not sure if that is accounted for my diminishing confidence, my age, loss of belief in the system or simply because I am just tired going through all the process only to be rejected in the end.

This assessment on Thursday is not even for a higher pay scale. It is just a lateral move for me to be able to learn new things and expose myself to the different operations of the airlines. It will not give me any monetary improvement but it will certainly make my resume heavy and it will make me a strong contender for planning and scheduling positions that will become available in the future.

Anyway, I just pray I can pull it through. I know my qualifications and knowledge, albeit not very in-depth, will help me fulfill the new department's requirements. Good luck to me!

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