04 December 2011

Career Move

The classified ads are brimming with vacancies again but for top management level. I know the pay will be sufficient for me to save in a short period of time but I don't think I want the stress tied to a high-end position. No thanks!

I am considering switching career from administrative to Technical Recruiter Consultant Jobs or anything to do with Human Resources. I always believe that being in the HR department gives you the chance and opportunity to go around easily as compared to the ones in the administrative and operations areas.

It has been a while since I last applied outside my current company. I think it has been 7 years to be exact and honestly, I do not know how the market goes outside now. I always re-evaluate my skills and know-how and I am happy to say that with what I know and do, I can actually command a high salary. However, the caveat is, I think it is still scary outside so I am not sure if moving out of my current employer is a wise decision. So, I am thinking whether to jump out of my very comfortable zone and have a leap of faith. I have to consider plenty of factors when I do this. I have financial obligations, my kid is still in school, we have mortgage to pay back home and we still want to save more for our retirement years. This thought is a bit tricky but I do hope that better paying opportunities arise in my current employer so I don't have to go through this dilemma. Otherwise, I may just take chances and jump!

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