03 December 2011

I Lost a Kilo!

A kilo is a kilo! And I am happy to lose it with sheer determination, proper eating habits and regular exercise. I say, it is a slow weight loss considering my health conditions but I am happy to do it the normal way without the help of medications to burn the fats. I burned my own fat the old school way - running! Yes, my knees ache a little because of the weight those babies are carrying around but sticking to my doctor's order to eat properly and cut out the oily food aided too.

I am in for this and there are more weight to lose. I just have to keep focused and follow strictly the doctor's advise and I should be fit and healthy in no time. Crossing fingers to that!

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  1. Wow congrats, Ria! A kilo lost is worth a pound of joy :)

    I wish I had the willpower to start running too...


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