13 December 2011

More Christmas Shopping

I feel like an inner dormant volcano awaken within me. Our previous Christmases were very quiet and gift-free because of the recession and the very tight budget. However, the economy is slowly picking up in our region and we are starting to ease (just a wee bit!) with the budget to accommodate gift-giving this year. Besides, we have all worked hard and so a little reward is not bad.

I am still not done with my Christmas shopping. I thought I was almost done but I found out that I missed few people from my list so I have to go back to the mall or check online for promotional deals to help me save money. I have some friends who are so keen into reading so I the 2012 barnes & noble coupons will be really helpful for me. If I have those coupons, I can save extra money. I just hope they offer it soon or even before 2012.

My other family members need some gifts from me as well. They are not asking for the gifts but I want to give them because they deserve some recognition for the help they have extended to my and my family. It's high time to repay them back, if not monetarily, at least in kind and small tokens.

My godsons and goddaughters will need specific gifts as well due to age factor. Some are already in their middle school and others are on their teens. I have to base my gift selection according to their age now. Gone are the days when I just have to buy generic kids' stuff to satisfy all their childish whims.

So, my weekend will be very hectic. I have to drive around town to check the malls for special offers and sales. Oh my! I hope my budget does not get dented badly.

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