03 December 2011

New Wedding Bands

My husband and I are not the conventional married couple. We have not worn our wedding bands for some time now because our fingers got fat and they don't fit well now. I feel bad having the original wedding bands re-fitted. I always have this funny feeling that the jeweler might change the original diamonds with fake ones while custom-fitting our wedding bands again.

I suggested to my husband to just get new ones. I have been looking at triton wedding bands and other sites for inspiration and designs and also cost. Our original wedding bands were gift from my mom and the diamonds used there was from her antique ring. So, I do feel bad having the original ones fixed when we can just get new sets.

I feel it's time again to show the world that we are a couple. It's public knowledge that we're married but I would like feel that gold metal around my ring finger again and show the world that "this lady is taken!"


  1. i think that's a sweet idea! Love it! Can't wait to see what you pick.

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