06 December 2011

Prayer In Time Of Despair At Work

I am not very religious but I do believe in God and I stick by my faith and religion. However, when the going gets so tough, I run to Him and ask for guidance and strength.

The present situation in the office is so unbearable already. The management expects you to deliver in time when they don't give you the things you need within the due date of submission. And yet, you have to commit to a rigid time frame. Do I make miracles or what? Then you are given 1 million and 1 things to do on top of the normal and other ad hoc things that you do. And they expect you to finish them on time, help them with their load when they are fully aware of the volume of work you have and they just keep pushing, shoving things down your throat. Again, do I make miracles?

I am getting very tired and restless now. I don't know who to trust there. I only trust my God because in times of despair, the only one I can count on is Him.

I am sharing this prayer to all of you who are experiencing the same problems I have in the work area. I hope this prayer help you through the day as you go about your work business.

"O God of the poor and the humble, who was born in a stable and worked in a carpenter's shop, look down in pity on the workers of this world. Give us work that we may keep our families in comfort and live without fear. Teach us to be content with our lot and never let us be tempted with dishonesty. When it seems necessary to fight against injustice, O God of strength, send Your Holy Spirit upon us that we may know what is right and have strength to do it. Protect us from violence and give us peace. Good St. Joseph, friend of the workman, pray for us. Amen.

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