09 January 2012

Down With Pharyngitis Again

I have been inflicted with this condition twice already in a span of 4 months. The bad thing is, I just wake up losing my voice. I am not an ice-cream lover nor enjoy eating sugary and sweet food to make my throat sore but I still get this condition.

My voice is still horrible and broken for 5 days now. I am into medication again and the cough syrup is making me very groggy. I am okay with the twice-a-day antibiotic dosage but I don't know how I am going to survive work tomorrow feeling like this.

I still have my very dry cough and sad to say but I am already getting headaches every time I cough unproductively. The doctor said that a lot of steam can help loosen up the mucous and I will try that today.

I wonder if I got this from my relatives who were here recently. They didn't lose their voices but I did and I was not even going out of the house often. I think I need to crack up my immune system again. I stopped drinking Vitamin C when I took my uric acid medication. I just couldn't take all these pills/tables/capsules anymore. I hope I will be more healthy this year because I have more challenges to face this time.

So people, if you are feeling a sudden ache in your throat, visit your doctor right away. The climate is harsh these days and does not help so avoid drinking cold and eating sweet stuff. Don't strain your voice too much. Gargle with salt water. Drink plenty of fluids. Have plenty of rest. Have steam.

I hope to recover soon. I am back to work tomorrow despite of the lack of voice. I'll be a pantomime show there!

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