04 January 2012

Fresh Start for 2012

I have been praying for good things to happen not just for myself and my family, but for everyone too. I am giving myself a chance to grow and one of doing that is to jump out of my comfort zone. I started with my career. I was not getting anywhere with my career in the place where I am in so I thought, the only way to go forward is to apply for a lateral move somewhere I can showcase my talent and skills. And God has been good to me. He knew what was best so he gave me the position I applied for. So, by end of February 2012, I will be reporting to a new department with new people to meet and new challenges to face.

My health is another aspect in my life that I want to give a new lease. I started walking again. It's still early to say if it's going to be regular but I am envisioning myself to do that. I just hope my determination to wean off my other medications will be a great impetus for me to carry on with the weight loss. Also, I am working towards making myself fit enough to carry another full term pregnancy. My daughter has been bugging me for a sibling and I am pushing 40 this March. I think it's not yet late for that.

The financial aspect of my life is getting better too. Although there are still plenty of bills to pay, I can finally scrimp enough to save some which will eventually go to our dream house project.

My personal life is rosy too! It's mostly rosy anyway but this year will be more of family solidarity and giving time to people who truly matters.

So, I welcome 2012 with open arms, new hope and a better perspective in life. I pray that God will have more compassion to humanity inspite of the negativity surrounding us. I know God is good and He will not forsake mankind. I just pray that 2012 will be great for everyone.


  1. Congrats and WOW! What a fantastic start, I can only imagine it will be a great year for you Ria! Anything is possible. Happy New Year!

  2. Good for you, Ria! So many happy and exciting things happening to you. A new career is always refreshing, reminds you of how smart and talented you are :) It's good to know you're making progress healthwise :)


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