14 January 2012

Great Valentine Dates To Always Remember

Valentine's Day is a love it or hate it kind of holiday. To the cynics, it is overly commercialized and created just to give men and women another holiday for which they have to buy gifts. To the romantics, this isn't the case. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be expensive nor does it have to center around unnecessary gifts. It is about showing that special someone just how special they truly are.

Valentine's Day dates don't have to be overly expensive. In fact, sometimes making them cheesy is the perfect way to make them memorable without spending a fortune. A scavenger hunt is a great way for a man to show his girlfriend or wife the importance of their memories together. The hunt can be centered on different memories, such as the location of their first kiss, where they saw their first movie or any other place the woman can go in order to find another clue. The final destination should be something or somewhere that is extremely important to the relationship, such as the restaurant where the couple's first date took place. This type of activity usually sits well with sentimental women.

Some women aren't into the mushy and over the top types of Valentine's Day dates. There are plenty of women who would rather go on a gorgeous hike or spend the day kayaking instead of sitting at a fancy restaurant in a dress and heels. An outdoor adventure can be turned into 
a romantic getaway. The man should carry a backpack with all the picnic essentials packed secretly away. Possible items could include a bottle of wine, cheese, crackers and, of course, a blanket. He should pull these out when they've reached the top of the mountain or another beautiful and memorable spot. While this type of date would cater to the woman's usual interests, it also has an unpredictable and thoughtful touch that is sure to leave her feeling special.

More often than not, love knows no bounds, and this includes financial boundaries. In today's world, women are juggling more, whether its school, work or even an entire family of their own. For this reason, it is important that the men in their lives take the time to pamper them. Taking a wife or girlfriend for a weekend retreat filled with massages and facials is a great way to make Valentine's Day all about her. For men who are usually not interested in these sorts of activities, it is a great way to demonstrate the lengths to which they are willing to go in order to ensure their significant other receives the attention she deserves.

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  1. Yup, the men in our lives don't have to spend big just to please us on Valentine's day. Most of them are still clueless about that, I'm afraid. If we could only get it through their thick skulls that any spontaneous show of love is enough to sweep us off our feet. I know it doesn't take much to make me happy :)

  2. Hi Pepper! Thanks for the comments. I'm happy to get flowers on Valentine's Day. But if he'll give me diamonds, why not? hahaha


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