28 January 2012

Hula Hoop To Whittle Your Waist

You don't need expensive gym equipment to slim that middle part of your torso. You definitely need not burn a deep hole in your pockets (and wallets!) to enroll in slimming classes like aerobics (although they greatly help too with the cardio) and the gym. There's a cheap and very common equipment you can use to whittle that middle part - the HULA!

Yes, this inexpensive toy we used to love when we were kids is a sure fire hit to a cheap and effective way to tone down your mid core. Doing the hula for 20-30 minutes several days in a week can help burn that belly fat and calories, increase your agility and improve coordination and strengthens your core muscles.

The kid version kind of hoop can do for starters but as you engage in the activity regularly, you may want to upgrade to the weighted hoop you can get from sports shop.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shaking!


  1. I've been trying to do it on my daughter's hula hoop, but I can't! Maybe I'm not too flexible :)

  2. I used to hula when I was younger and when my waist line was still okay. I tried doing it again and my back ached for days...must be of "old age." hahahaha!


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