18 January 2012

In Need Of Capital

There are plenty of business opportunities presented to me by my friends. Unfortunately, I cannot commit at the moment due to our tight budget. I feel like I am letting those opportunities pass. I cannot take loans right now because we have a big project this year and that is to start the construction of our dream house.

Some of my friends are into the trucking business back in the Philippines. One of them is asking me if I can share in the business but I am badly in need of capital. I wish I have plenty of savings so I can invest on the truck tracking and delivery service. I also did my research and it involves a lot of money. I do not have that kind of money in the bank.

Another friend of mine here in Dubai asked me to join a marketing scheme for electronic mobile loads to be used in the Philippines. Again, I need money as a start-up and I am sure the rest will be fruitful as long as I have the money to spare. I did not decline but I cannot confirm anything as of this time. I am still fixing my budget for the next few months. I just want to make sure that we have enough to cover our means while it is still recession.

I certainly hope that the opportunities do not stop from knocking. If I miss them, it is not deliberate. It is more of a choice at this point. I hope I can shake off my financial burden so I can jump to all the business opportunities around me and that will open the floodgates of money coming in.

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  1. They say, the perfect time to start a business is now. The more you delay it, the less it's going to materialize. We keep putting it off because we think that we don't have enough capital to put up whatever business we want, but they say, opportunity- even for capital- does knock. That's also the thing that keeps me from finally starting my own business- lack of capital. Maybe we also lack that certain boldness? :)


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