26 January 2012

Leaving Soon

my two mothers :) taken at Dubai Mall
My mom and mom-in-law spent the holidays here and the days are getting shorter. They will be leaving soon and I am starting to feel sad. It's such a joy to have both of them around. My daughter is thrilled to have them both because she's acting super princess with them. I let her get away with it because she doesn't get to spend long time with either of them whenever she's in Manila for a vacation. It's different this time because they are both here at the same time so it was twice the fun!

I'm having a slight tug in my heart now. I will miss them again especially my mom because I can see how happy she is to be here with us. Her life back home is filled with problems and issues so hard to resolve because they are deeply rooted; having her spend almost 2 months here temporarily uprooted her from the bad stuff.

I am just happy to be able to give her that slight deviation because it means so much to her. I wish I can make her stay her longer. I just hope I'll find the financial means next time to make her stay here permanent. It will happen, in Jesus name...

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