27 January 2012

Music Aficionado

My husband's family are all music aficionados. They love singing, playing the guitar and the piano and deejaying. They have all sorts of musical instruments at home and the latest gadgets in sound technology and mixing. I think they may even have the gem rp-x equipment because sometimes, I can hear a perfectly played musical piece in different keyboard arrangement.

Their inclination to the field of music does not stop there. Most of my husband's family members love to sing but none are professional singers. They love singing in the karaoke and enjoys going to the concert. They can name songs from yesteryear and even songs from decades ago, even before they were born.

They just love music and I guess music loves them too. I wish I have the same passion as they have when it comes to music. Unfortunately, much as I love singing, I always can't get the lyrics right and carrying a tune is a different ball game. I don't even want to talk about it.

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