11 January 2012

My Christmas Gift

I know it is not Christmas season anymore but I still cannot help and gush over my new tablet - bb playbook. I am not a fancy pants but I think and feel that after working hard and following my goals (except for the weight loss part) to the letter, I certainly deserve a Blackberry Playbook.

I thought about buying the gadget for sometime but realized that I can use this when I am in a meeting or when I travel. I can read my ebooks and check my mails too on the go. It is a need for me and not a whim. Even my husband justified the reason why I should have one. I would have preferred it as a gift from him. However, he has already given me a fancy bag so I am happy.

I like this tablet a lot. It's only 7'' and a bit light to carry. It has wifi, bluetooth, Blackberry Bridge which can be used with my Blackberry phone and camera and video. Although the apps are not as many as the iPad, I really don't mind because the basic features are there which are more important than the myriad of apps I won't even use.

Here's a snap of my new toy. I am loving it!


  1. Christmas season is really fabulous to exchange the gifts. I am truly impressed with your post. You have got a valuable gigt. Congrates to you.

  2. It is really nice experience to distribute gifts on the grand occassions. This tablet seems a nice idea as it has got fabulous features. Thanks for an impressive post.


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