25 January 2012

My Daughter's Anime Plushies

My daughter is really crafty. She moved from polymer clay to painting to drawing to stitching Japanese anime characters' plushies. She loves working with fabric felt and I must have bought her several colors already.

Her plushies are 6 inches tall and stuffed with recycled fabric fillings from old pillows that we threw. She stitches all of these with her hands and uses various colors of flosses and big needles.

Her friends and classmates ask for their favorite Japanese anime character which she transforms into cute plushies. She can also customize a plushie doll according to the preference of her friends and classmates.

So far, she has made more than a dozen of the plushies. Some she gives as presents and others she sells. My daughter is earning on her own! I guess I can stop working now :)

Here are the most recent plushie project she has done. Aren't they cute?

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  1. Ang galing naman ng daughter mo, sis! Pwede na nga talaga pam-business yan ah. Ang cute lalo na nung girl ;)


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