09 January 2012

No Pants Train Ride

I saw my cousin's FB status few days ago regarding BART's "No Pants Train Ride" on 8 Jan. which was yesterday. I thought she was just kidding regarding that. So, I searched the internet a while ago only to find so many hits on the prank event. And mind you, it does not happen on San Francisco only. It's a world-wide event.

I wonder how one can put up a straight, normal face while half of your body is exposed to the cold elements? It's like hot on top and cold on the bottom. Shiver me timbers! Feel the cold sting! These people are cold. Really, really cold and I mean that literally :)

Here are pics I have taken from the internet. Credit to the owners of the photos of course.

Taken from BART, San Fran.

From Edmonton

From London

From Mexico

Are you brave (and probably, sane enough) to participate on this kind of event? Even if I have the best gams in the world, I don't think I'll carry a straight face through the whole ordeal. I'd probably turn blue due to hypothermia!


  1. Heck no! Yeah, and that's just asking for any perv on the train to stare at you. Bleh. Funny though!

  2. I know, right! hahaha. Don't we have too many pervs walking the face of the earth already?!? And this? ;)


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