25 January 2012

The Perfect Teen Travel Companion

Most eReader owners use their devices simply to read, especially when travelling. If you own a device that is not 3G compatible, you may find yourself in situations that preclude downloading a new novel. Fortunately, most eReaders have several other great functions that can allow a user to make the most of travel time.
Parents with traveling kids are wise to offer an eReader as a distraction. It is the perfect item for your traveling child or young adult, whether going away to grandma's, away at teen camp or traveling during a gap year.

A Multimedia Extravaganza
Depending on your eReader of choice, you can get a fair bit of mileage out of the device’s multimedia capabilities. Both the Nook and Kindle are capable of playing music, and both devices are capable of displaying photos (though the Kindle is monochrome-only).  The Nook features the ability to view images in full color, and also features video playback capability. No matter what eReader you choose, you can get a good bit of mileage out of its ability to play music or view photos. Be careful, though, as both functions are much harder on battery life than reading.

A Studying Tool
Of course, eReaders are also wonderful productivity tools. Most major readers can display .pdf files, which can easily allow you to take most documents on the go. It is also possible to take notes on several of the major readers, though some do require the purchase of a separate note-taking application. Some eReaders even allow users to dictate notes, the perfect way for your child to journal his or her travels. The current generation of Kindle features a microphone, and it is quite easy to record messages on the device after you do not mind modifying a few files.

A Fun Machine
Not only can you read on your eReader, but you can also play games. Most of the games on the Kindle and the discount eReaders are rather simplistic, but they are wonderful time wasters. The games available on the Nook are a bit more advanced, but all of the games available on eReaders tend to promote creative or logical thinking above button-mashing action. Most games cost a few dollars at most, and both the major readers have a few free games available. These games are great for killing time at an airport or a hotel, though they will likely never win any major awards.

Do your child traveler a favor and give them a device that amuses, informs and connects without taking up a lot of room in the luggage compartment.

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