22 January 2012

Weather Dips in Dubai

Forecast for today is cloudy with temperature going as low as 13 degrees Celcius. This winter is not as cold as the previous winters in Dubai many years ago. I remember experiencing non-stop rains and hail storms. This year's winter is like the weather in New York on a mid-day fall season.

The sky has an overcast and I thought it would rain because of the gray clouds. It might rain this week and if that happens, it will be colder.

The wind is quite cold and bites. We all slept with our thermal pjs and socks with thick comforters to keep us warm. I know I said it's not as cold as the previous winters but the temperature at night takes a dip. We have to close the windows to keep the cold out.

The extended forecast until next week is still the same, max 18 degrees Celcius and a low of 12/13.

I love this weather - not very cold and not warm. I hope it's like this all year round.

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