20 February 2012

The Best Headphone Ever!

I love my daughter's very hip and funky headphone - Beats by Dr. Dre. It was a gift from our relative to her for Christmas and the headphone has become a part of her anatomy already. I barely see her remove it from her head. I fear that one day, it will actually embed itself on my daughter's head.

I wondered what the fuss was about on that chunky headphone they call Beats until I tried it. It has noise cancellation which is super great because I can enjoy my music without hearing unnecessary noise in my surroundings.

I have tried other headphones in the past. I tried the slim types, the in-ear ones and even wireless ones but I think that Beats is surely one of the best headphones available. It may be a bit costly but the performance is worth the money.


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  2. The Ultimate Headphones are also covered in this post. Its amazing what is is happening with headphones this days. Beats By Dre are very good. Would you be willing to spend $1000.00 on headphones? Try Grado.


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