03 February 2012

Cold Weather Is Over

The cold season here in the Middle East is getting shorter each year. The cold weather did not stay long this time unlike the previous years. So, our winter clothes are barely worn now unlike before where we get to enjoy longer period of cold spells.

The weird thing about this whole seasonal changes is that you really cannot tell how cold it is going to be despite of the forecast. I checked the weather forecast here in the UAE for the next 10 days and it still shows low temperature of 13 degrees Celcius but it does not feel like it is. It feels more of 20 and above.

So with the short cold season, it is advisable and practical to not purchase heavy winter clothing and other cold season accessories like thermal socks, heater, beanie hats and gloves and electric mattress pad to warm your bed. You will not enjoy using all of them because the cold season is not that cold.

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