14 February 2012

Gifts For Bosses

I am not one to buy fancy gifts for my bosses because they are earning ten times my salary and they have every fancy thing a person can have. However, there are bosses who I really like because they are nice and they certainly deserve a great gift.

I searched the internet for fancy gifts to give top executives in the office. I have one boss who loves to smoke so I thought, the best gift to give that person is something related to his or her passion - smoking! Since my budget is really tight, I want to know where to buy cheap cigars so it does not break my piggy bank. That person can use the cigar or keep it for collection or as a decoration on his or her curio but I want it to be appreciated.

There are few cigar stores here in Dubai. Most of them carry very expensive cigars and I cannot afford that. I will check if they sell by pieces so I can just buy few. It's the thought the counts anyway.

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  1. I was looking for such a wonderful post, the gift for the boss should be something very unique if he really has the deserving capability.


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