10 February 2012

My Daughter is Turning 14

Time flies and it flies fast! It seems like yesterday when I was holding my baby's hand and in few days, she will be 14.

I am already in a place where I tell myself to accept things as they come because one day, that tiny baby I held so close to my heart will one day become a woman. She will meet her man and she will leave us. I don't know if I am just being melodramatic but I think, this is what being a mom is - dramatic.

I take a deep sigh now when I hear my daughter talk to her friends. I am starting to miss those fun times we have where we used to play like little girls. She is an adolescent now and her likes are no long the same Barbie and Bratz dolls she used to love few years ago. She has new set of friends, activities here and there and more phone calls than a call center can ever handle. Yes, I have a teen-aged daughter and soon she will be 14.

I think I am just being sentimental and drama-queen but I kind of miss her playful pranks when she was younger, her slobbery kisses on my and her papa's cheeks, her drawings posted on our closets and the free hugs we get each time we come home. We still get those hugs but they come far in between now. Later on, it will just be "Hi mom! Hi dad!" kind of thing.

Well, that's the way life goes. I can only pray that my husband and I did not fall short in guiding her and imparting wisdom and instilling good values. I also pray that she will grow into a responsible adult, a God-fearing child and a daughter her parents will be so proud of.

Happy birthday our little girl. I know you're not a baby anymore but in our eyes, you're always be our little girl. Enjoy and have fun on your special day.

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