20 February 2012

New Department Tomorrow

When I got the good news about my successful application to another department, I felt like I was on top of the world. Then I waited for 2 months for my notice to get over and tomorrow is the start of a new beginning in my career.

The excitement has actually worn off and I am more scared now than ever because I have no idea what to expect. I have been with the same people for the past 8 years in my now ex-department. I am now going to a place where I barely know the people. I have met some of them. I have spoken to them on the phone but I have not interacted with them in a lengthy manner. I feel like all eyes will be on me for the first few months while I get myself comfortable. Oh my!

Here I am now; opening a different chapter in my life. I thought I would never have the courage to actually jump out of my comfort zone but I did. I just hope I do well and feel that I am part of a new "family" there.

I thought I would not even say this but I am starting to miss my old department... Oh well... Forward, I shall go!


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